Cynthia Cathcart


Cynthia in performance

Cynthia is available for both private functions and concerts, particularly in the Washington, DC area. When on tour, she can be found performing well outside the area she calls home.

Cynthia’s concerts range from an all–Scottish program to a very Irish all–Turlough O’Carolan program, and can be an hour or longer or stop at one piece, as required by the event for which she is engaged. From early music of centuries ago to more recent American melodies, she endeavors to find and perform whatever music fits the resonant strings of her variously–sized harps.

Cynthia in performance

Religious music is also firmly in her repertoire. She has developed arrangements specifically for religious services, from a simple arrangement of a special hymn to an arrangement/performance of St. Patrick’s Breast Plate with supporting traditional music behind a dramatic reading: something similar to the descriptions that survive of very early harp performance in the Gaeltacht.

In addition to strictly musical performances, Cynthia offers the following lectures and presentations for a general audience:

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